the hens & their eggs

We have 75 happy hens!

They live in the Hen Shack at Garden Shack Farm.  On average, each hen lays one egg per day most days of the year.  Are our hens free range? pastured? cage free? organic? you ask.  Different people have different interpretations of those terms, so this is how they spend their days:  Their Hen Shack is 180 square feet and they are only locked in their shack from dusk to dawn, for their protection.  All day they roam on a 17,000+ sq ft fenced and partially covered area with plenty of greenery and bugs.  (That's about 200 square feet per bird.) The fence keeps them safe from the various creatures we have roaming around the farm.  They eat commercial laying feed without antibiotics, many garden and kitchen leftovers, and anything else they can naturally find and/or catch.  You are welcome to visit them whenever we are open!

Eggs are usually available on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is now molting season and the ladies are not laying enough eggs to sell.  Check social media for updates on when eggs will be available.


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